Engineers Advisory Committee has approved a new contract (#523) with Michigan Critical Power for standby generators.

Don’t let the “Michigan” in their name mislead you—they use national manufacturers with local vendors and contractors in all the states where they operate.

Michigan Critical Power is a full service, highly-experienced and respected electrical contractor that only provides power generation for the:

Residential Markets – typically 7 kW to 25 kW air cooled units and 30-60 kW liquid cooled units Standby systems. Natural gas and liquid propane fueled.
Commercial and Industrial Markets – 30 kW to 1.2 MW units. Standby, prime and continuous power applications. Liquid-cooled engines. Natural gas, liquid propane and diesel fueled.

Plus all of the associated transfer switch gear, remote monitoring, surge protection and related support needs of any job. None too small nor too big.





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