Steam jacketed kettles offer faster cooking times because two thirds of the cooking surface comes into contact with the product at a much lower temperature, compared to stock pots that use a much higher temperature only at the bottom of the pot.

In addition, accurate temperature controls eliminate constant monitoring and resetting. Foods won’t burn or scorch and you can hold product at a simmer without over cooking. Tilting models make product handling simple. Clean up is easy since food isn’t burned or over cooked like stock pots.


  • Accurate, consistant solid state temperature controls (mechanical thermostat not as accurate)—less than ±1°C variance (ideal for simmering)
  • 50 psi steam jacket rating for higher cooking temperatures
  • Large pouring lip for high capacity and chunky products
  • Steam jacket filled with treated water, venting and/or refilling is not required
  • Splash proof element cover with a double gasket seal
  • Kettle and all exterior surfaces are of type 304 stainless steel with an #4 finish

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